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Ashley from FunkyMartlet has always used the "Devious" website as a test-bed for his content management systems and design ideas. He has recently updated the site again and it now sports a new portal-style opening page with a slideshow and graphic panels leading to content. Although this site has been done for the love of it rather than for money it still has the same stringent controls during its development.

This site now uses Drupal 7 for the CMS - having initially being developed in ASP-VBScript and latterly PHP/MYSQL using Ashley's own AXC bespoke PHP content management system. The data is in MYSQL and use is made of MYSQL Workbench to ensure there is a regular backup of the data - although with a FunkyMartlet client one would ensure that a daily backup is an automatic feature booked via the ISP.

Various Drupal modules have been used in the construction which allow for the choice of whether content is to be placed on a slideshow to be part of the normal content editing - any item can be promoted on the slideshow - like this site! The top banner graphic also changes according to the descriptive tags attached to the content - hence if you go to a page in the "War Games" section it will display a different heading to one in the news section. This is a demonstration of how the whole page design could in fact change for particular parts of your website.

The Dr Who-based work featured on that website now features on an official BBC DVD and sets and props have featured on TV on a number of occasions, including at Pinewood Studios. The project has grown from strength to strength and an effective website was something needed from the outset. Another site - was launched in Feb 2011 which is a free-hosted site documenting an educational schools project using the props.