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Reps Kit for Union activists

This was a union project in which FunkyMartlet's Ashley played a major development role in creating the functionality of this system designed to assist union reps in the workplace using forms, surveys and custom pdf generation of newsletters, welcome letters, posters and leaflets from standard templates. Shown here is the (less attractive but functional) webpage for the user notes which had to be read carefully since this was quite a complicated project!

There were 5 levels of user functionality ranging from just viewing the protected areas of the site, through the ability to upload content, with higher levels being able to design their own forms and use pre-prepared artwork templates to create the content for newsletters and leaflets. The highest level of access allowed people to compile reports detailing the users' use of the systems, allowing checks to be made that the content input and questions asked in the questionnaires and forms were "on-message". Ashley carried out the systems analysis, coded all the system logic in PHP and designed the database.