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Quayside Tots Playgroup

FunkyMartlet has recently been involved in the conversion and redesign/refurbishment of a local Playgroup site, Quayside Tots based in Southwick, West Sussex.

The site's original design was required to be kept. However the original site's updates had been manually achieved in html with all changes having to go through an html-savvy person. The new version was adapted to allow for larger content areas - the fonts used were generated using font-face (font squirrel) which allows all text headings in the child-looking font to be fully searchable and not just graphics as before. There are a couple of minor tweaks still required to the site - namely expanding the slideshow and improving the allowance for larger content - however the client has now the ability via the new Drupal-based interface to upload not just text and photos but also PDF-based documents for parents to download.

This type of development is typical of one where the customer already has a website but cannot get the full use out of it due to the content management system being inadequate or inaccessible or where info can only be updated by someone external to the organisation - often for a fee. FunkyMartlet believe that once a site has been developed and handed over the client is able to fully change any aspect of the site - it should be in their full control (save for a full redesign of course).