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handcross petanque

Handcross Petanque

The brief for FunkyMartlet was to replace the original design of the site with something which would evoke the French nature of the game. The site was converted from a previous static-html site over to the favoured Drupal with special attention to the various types of information to be displayed on the site. Use can be made of tags to describe content or content can be given different "types" at the outset - either approach lends itself well to having automatic date- or type-specific extracts of that data to be used on the front page. These "views", as Drupal terms them, can be preset as the site is developed and the client merely needs to add new news items or events etc and the site will automatically keep relevant data on the front page and archive old data.

As clients become more involved in the running of their websites then it is possible to grant more functionality to their content management system. For example in this site, at some point the user could take responsibility for those "views" and start to create new aspects of the data.